Course Description

A Simple, Step-By-Step Strategy For Unlimited Success

I will train you, week-by-week, on how to build a blueprint that is uniquely designed for building your business. You are unique and the blueprint for your Business Room must match your uniqueness and provide you with the tools that will allow you to construct the pathway to your continual success.

How We Create Results

If there is one thing that is true about me and the programs I create, they are all about RESULTS that will generate greater success for your business journey.

I am going to provide you with more than information!. You are going to receive proven processes that I have developed and used in my 30+ years of guiding the 2% who are serious about and committed to, not just talking about success, but ACHIEVING it.

I am going to walk beside you and offer you the guidance that will keep your success path clear of those obstacles that can create the emotional roadblocks that cause many business people to stumble and fall. With this clarity, you will be prepared with the strength to design your Business Room with a blueprint you can follow on your pathway to success.

These proven processes, along with my personal guidance, will get you the breakthroughs that will release you from those limiting behaviors that have kept you from reaching your business potential.

The Outcome

My goal for you is to complete this program with:

1. A blueprint that is unique and specific for you to build YOUR dream business, which will result in financial freedom for you.

2. A mindset that consistently presents you with the clarity to see beyond the emotional restrictions and frees you to experience unlimited business success.

3. A real business design that comes with a blueprint that will allow you to keep adding improvements to your Business Room through greater success.

What Would Happen If...

What would happen if you could create a Business where there was unlimited success?

What would happen if your business room provided you the financial strength that would allow you with unlimited wealth?

What would happen if your Business Room opened up a residual platform from which you could allow others to share in your Business Success?

What would happen if your Business Room brought balance and growth to the other rooms of your life?

What would happen if your Business Room created unlimited success?

This 8-Module Program Includes

Live Training Call Every Week

We will work together live on zoom. These calls will help you with the insights and direction you need to strengthen your focus and provide you with the mental and emotional tools you need to continue to build your business with strength and clarity. Each week we will have one call that will be designed to deal with one area, that if not confronted, can weaken your foundation and create cracks of doubt and worry. These Training Calls are a key to keeping you clear on continuing to move Your Business forward.

24 Hour Help Desk

24 hours a day, 7 days a week you can submit questions via our Help Desk and within 24 hours you will receive guidance with your questions. You will never feel alone in this journey!

Client Facebook Group

You will also get to know your fellow Business Leaders in the program and discover a thriving community of other Business Professionals and Business Owners who are walking the same path with you - seeking and dedicated to the same success you are searching for. The strength of this group is the common purpose, common agenda, and common commitment each shares. Think about this – the opportunity to be in the presence of others who share the desire and determination to build a stronger and better business. What will it be like to share the common successes and lessons that have been learned. Where there is sharing of experience, there is collective genius!

Insider Tools & Resources

We want for you what you want for yourself – a clear path to the highest level of business success. You will be handed tools and resources that are designed just for you! Each week, together, we will build on the knowledge you received the week before. These business skills will allow you to add more strength to your tool belt, and with these added business tools and resources you will feel prepared to continue to take the next step in your business success.

World Class Mindset Support

Mindset is everything! The strength of your mind is the key to handling the shifts in the business terrain that continually come at you. When you are not armed with the strength and knowledge to adapt, adjust, and align yourself to the shifts in the ever-changing business landscape, you will find yourself “reacting to” not “responding to” what you must do to keep your foundation strong and your mind sharp and prepared with processes that keep the terrain shifts manageable. The resources and guidance we provide you with will help you control the doubts, worries, and fears for any terrain shift that you are not prepared for during your business journey. Together we will keep your foundation of belief, trust, and faith strong, which will allow you to see through the terrain shift, not get stuck in it.

Other Things You Probably Want To Know


Do I need a business before I get started with the Business Room Breakthrough program?

Not at all. We’re going to help you develop a business you’re extremely proud of and passionate about, that will keep things innovative and expand horizons.

What is the investment to join Business Room Breakthrough?

The truth is that building a 6-7 figure business is a big investment. Not just financially, but also of time, energy, and dedication, so be prepared for that. Even though many of our clients build and scale their businesses, this is NOT “get rich quick,” and it certainly is not “get rich easy.” You will hit challenges. You will have setbacks. You will have moments of fear and doubt. But our team is here for you to support you and hold your hand through all of that. As far as tutition costs for the program, your Breakthrough Coach will go over those options with you on your call.

Are there other expenses besides the program itself?

There are going to be other items, applications, and services we recommend that will be additional expenses out of your pocket. For instance, setting up a legal entity, getting an attorney, or purchasing online software for your business.

This Journey Is Not For The Faint of Heart

It takes a BIG commitment for any individual or company to design their blueprint for development and lay the ground work with a clear understanding of:

• What they really want to achieve.

• Why they want to achieve this.

• The willingness to pay the mental, emotional, and financial price that goes with the design.

• The fact that behaviors will have to be faced, improved, and a commitment made to get out of their own way and become the Business Builder that is driven by their desire, determination, and discipline to stay focused on and committed to implementing what must be done for a Business to be strong enough to withstand the challenges that success brings with it.

YOU must realize that designing, building, and creating a Business that grows and continually reaps positive results takes a Business mind that is calm in the midst of uncertainty, clear on what needs to be done, and not fearful to continue to step forward with the confidence that says, "I WILL, BECAUSE I CAN!"

You can’t start this program with the attitude of, "I will give this a try." This demands a total commitment with the solid foundation of Belief that says “this is me,” a trust that defines that Belief with the right behaviors and a Faith that states in no uncertain term, "I am tired of fighting to get success; I am ready to draw the plans, prepare the foundation, and implement what must be done to give me the success I want for my life!"


Is this YOU?

If so, let’s schedule a call and together create the pathway to YOUR unlimited Business Success!


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