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For 30+ years I have been driven by my desire to help individuals & organizations find the pathway to achieving their greatest success. The challenge is, most find their self trapped in a world of self-limiting behavior. They’re good at starting, but then run into a barrier they aren’t prepared to deal with. Many times these barriers strengthen their doubts and uncertainty about their self and their abilities. This is where my God given gift helps. My gift is the knowledge and experience that can take what is confusing to you and show you the pathway to achievement.

Over the years I have helped hundreds of individuals, couples, and company leadership find their purpose, create the right agenda, and strengthen their inner desire, determination, and discipline to build a consistent life of success. I take what YOU are struggling with, those things that keep you trapped in sameness, and give you the clarity & confidence to replace it with the confidence and personal drive to succeed.

I’m asked all the time, “What makes YOUR program different from other coaches?” It’s my design of how I work with an individual’s total life. I believe you live in a four room house – Business, Family, Social and Personal. For you to have consistency in your success journey, your four rooms must be in sync. When they’re not, you find your rooms in conflict with each other. When your rooms aren’t in sync, all you’re doing is “fixing a problem,” not building a solid foundation of resolution, which brings calmness and clarity to your success journey. When your rooms are supporting each other, you have less stress, greater clarity, more confidence, and a clear understanding of how to achieve your desired success.

My promise to you is that during our time together you will gain a greater calmness for your life and a stronger clarity that will arm you with the insights, information, and the proven processes that will allow you to resolve your challenges and achieve a consistent life of becoming better, more defined, and stronger at doing what you have to do to discover the more for your life and sustain the journey that will strengthen your belief, your trust, and your faith in yourself, which will result in YOU having the confidence that says, “I Can, Because I Will!”

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The Four Rooms of Success is more than theory. It is a part of the total design of success for your life. Your life is more than one room. It is made up of Four Rooms that when connected create a foundation where balance and agenda are tied together with purpose and strength. When these Four Rooms are not balanced and sharing a common agenda, the result is disconnect that affects everyone involved.


The largest of these rooms is your Business Room. When you look at the time commitment of your life, you spend more time in this room than any other room in life. It is the stage you have chosen to stand on that creates a picture of where you feel you can make a difference.

This room is where most define whom they are. It is the room where one creates their business legacy and builds their financial strength. It is where many define whether they feel a success or a failure.  

This is the #1 room of mental stress. From this room flows the strength or weakness of the other rooms of your life. The challenge is not allowing the Business Room to control your life and overwhelm the other rooms of your life.

If you can’t manage the mental stress, it will take you from “believing you can” to wondering whether you can do this or not.

As the room goes, so will the other rooms of your life!


The second largest room is your Family Room. This is the room where love and acceptance are defined. All of us need to feel loved.

Love is that emotion that offers us the feeling of acceptance, security, and feeling safe from the outside world; it allows us to share time and space with those who support us, believe in us, care for us, and make us feel apart of something special. It is a place where we feel we belong and can go there and know others care about us. This is the room where love is defined.

The challenge in this room is it can get lost in the shadow of the Business Room and create a disconnect from those we say we love and care about. When this happens, it places the Family Room in conflict with the Business Room and makes those who share the Family Room question how important they are too your life.

The bigger the Business Room becomes, the more the Family Room feels left out. At some point the rooms will collide and the result will be an increase in emotional collisions. This is what makes the Family Room the #1 room of emotional stress.


The third largest room is your Social Room. All of us need a place where we can relax; a place where we can go with others and turn the cares of the world off, let our hair down, and just have fun!

The challenge is the mental stress of the Business Room and the emotional stress of the Family Room makes this room one where people go to complain, escape, or just find theirself, but not having fun.

Fun is such an important part of the human psyche. Fun, in whatever form it comes in, creates a calm space where you can just go and allow your childlike spirit to come out and play.

Many resist this room by saying they don’t have time for it, they can’t afford to go there, or it becomes a place to rehash the problems of work. The truth is that with the stress from the Business and Family Rooms many have just plain forgotten how to have fun. The pressure from life has left them drained, tired, and simply not enjoying the life they have.

How challenging is it to have fun when your life is out of sync and controlled by all that is happening in the Business and Family Rooms? The Social Room is the #1 room of lost relaxation.


The smallest room in your life is your Personal Room. It’s the smallest because most don’t understand the importance of this room. In a life designed for continual, not momentary, success this must become the largest and most important room in your life.

It is in your Personal Room where your dreams will be born. Alone by yourself, without anyone barging into your life, where there is the silence that allows your spirit to be calm, YOU can dream, sketch and turn your mind free to soar without limits. Your mind only knows the limits you emotionally agree to.

It is in your Personal Room you learn how to live from the inside-out. The space, where the noise of the outside can be turned off and you are FREE to get in contact with your inner spirit and design the success path you want for your life. The Personal Room can also be the most frightening room in your life. Why? Because alone with you, you can’t lie to yourself. It is the room where total honesty prevails.

The challenge becomes balancing your life so there is time for YOU to dream. Too many times the requirements of the Business and Family Rooms leave you with no time for self. When you do feel the need the to take time for yourself, you have to deal with the guilt you wrestle with and the misunderstanding from others who don’t see the time there as important. After all, you don’t have time for them, so you don’t deserve time for yourself.

Without this room in your life, you will lack a purpose, a dream, the inner motivation to feed your desire, your determination to create a life that is better today than it was yesterday. Without this room in your life, you will find yourself wandering around in a circle of repetitive behavior, which creates an existence where you can’t see beyond the moment you are standing in. The inability to see forward locks you in a closet filled with regrets, driven by disappointment, and leaves you wondering what your life is all about.

The Personal Room is the place in your life where life is created, tied to a purpose, and driven by you knowing that is “more” for your life and wanting the connection that brings meaning and balance to your total Success House.

You are more than a one room house. You are a House built with Four Rooms, each with a purpose and a design. That master design is where your total life comes together with strength, purpose, balance, and the feeling of completeness. Without the Four Rooms being connected, there will be consistent disconnect, constant emotional struggles, and each person establishing their own agenda, which will tear the house apart. The success of the Four Room House guarantees positive results in your business, your family, your building friendships, and mostly - within yourself.


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